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Reviews of Mystical Arts Recording Studio


The equipment at MARS is quality.  The drum kit sounds amazing and the Marshall tube amp is punchy and crisp.  Jimmy really knows what he is doing and he doesn't charge you for wasted time.  We got there and we just started recording.  He had everything set up for us already.  I highly recommend you try this place out!

-Shane P. Westlake Village

review from YELP 




Ok so first thing first, this review is way past over due;  Anyways, my band and I, Upon 4 Aces, came to Mystical Arts to record our EP since it had great prices and review. However we were not prepared for the awesomeness that lived in Mystical Arts. Mystical Arts is a professional level studio that is owned by a man who is very passionate about music. All the instruments were in great condition, the area was very comfortable and welcoming, and Jimmy was one awesome dude who helped us throughout our recording process. Not only is the studio awesome but the neighborhood it is in is very breathtaking and inspiring. I would highly recommend this studio for first time recorders and veterans of the studio as it is an example of an amazing studio. Also for all the drummers, Jimmy's drum set is amazing. It is one of the best kits I've played in my entire drumming career. Great doing business with you Jim.

 -Eric C. the band  "Upon Four Aces " 

review from YELP




Awesome studio.

Jimmy was great to me. Did some simple live piano and vocal tracks and left with a lot of songs put down. He he had the full set up ready to go by the start time which was great. 

Really cool place to record. Secluded in the hills. Great baby grand piano and vocal booth. 

I definitely recommend looking into Mystical Arts Recording and talking to Jimmy about whatever your project is.

 -Joe H

review from YELP . 




I recorded an audiobook with MARS and it couldn't have been a better experience.  

I actually spent a full day recording at another studio, but didn't like their process, so I came across Mystic Arts and paid his studio a visit to see if it would work better.  I liked it so much that I canceled my reservations with the previous studio and started completely over, throwing all the money down the drain from the other place!  Jimmy's setup and professionalism was that more inviting and conducive to recording.  

In addition to a smoother process that wound up saving me more money than the other studio, his sound quality was way more superior.  He even paid attention to details, like supplying me with the best microphone for voice-overs.  His rates are fair but in the end I would up saving money because he has an ear of what works and what doesn't, immediately giving you the option of changing, rather than recognizing later and having to rebook studio time.  And he's quick on allowing you to hear your mistakes so you can quickly re-record.  

Go elsewhere if you want, but you'll probably think back to this post and wish you chose Mystic Arts.

 -Charles Johnson

review from YELP



Great experience.... loved the place and felt very comfortable being there. It was a easy session to get through with out any problems... one of the best places I have recorded at. Planet Destruction will certainly be back to record more music and a album. Thank you Jimi Furia for a no hassle recording

 -Jim Manzo the band  "Planet Destruction"

review from YELP




Had such a great experience at this studio, what a great vibe, and had fun. excellent studio ..A plus. !!!

 -Sean k. 

review from YELP 





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