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James Paul Furia

Owner Operator - Mystical Arts Recording Studio



A.K.A. "Jimi" Furia is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, comedian, film maker and studio engineer. Furia has written over 500 songs and has been recording since childhood. Born and raised in Los Angeles California U.S.A. His documentary film "Geomusic" about the connection of geometry, sacred sites and music is considered groundbreaking theory in mysticism and music and was aired on Japanese television. Jimi was invited to play piano for the legendary Chuck Berry at age 16 and has performed live with Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter (Steely Dan) Spencer Davis, Angelo Moore (fishbone) Bobby Kimball ( Toto) and The Foo Fighters. He formed the original band "Realize" and is currently performing in Los Angeles with the band "Time Machine". Furia opened his own recording studio ( Mystical Arts ) and produces many diverse bands and solo artists. Furia's complex understanding of music theory provides him with a unique approach to recording techniques and creative composing. His musical styles are vast. classical, jazz, ska, comedy, hip hop, funk, reggae, rock, metal, country, pop, folk, alternative, punk, improv, fusion, experimental, blues, dance, electronica, psychedelic, soul, and rap.




Mystical Arts Recording Studio 

It's all about a great vibe while tracking

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